I grew up in and around the salt waters and marshes of Charleston, South Carolina. I started fishing from my Grandparents’ dock on Hamlin Creek behind Isle of Palms, SC at the ripe old age of about 4 years old.

My first boat was a tri-hull CMF with an old 9.9 Johnson outboard in the 1970’s, which is when my passion for offshore fishing began. I won my first (and only) fishing tournament in 1987 with a 44lb 13oz Kingfish and I was very active many years in the Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament in the tag and release category.

 I began cooking at a very young age, and my Aunt Mary introduced me to the frying pan. Both my grandparents cooked a lot, and I was always around the cooking environment.

To me, fishing & cooking go hand in hand. Seafood is my cuisine of choice, but I love it all.

I made my first of many TV appearances in 2005 and have since spent years creating and filming a variety of shows on a variety of mediums. Check out all of my series’ and episodes on my YouTube channel and be sure to find my cookbook, Gourmet Fishing’s Lowcountry and Island Flavors Season I – Limited Edition.  

I have a new cookbook set for publishing in July of 2022 based on season 2 of Gourmet FishingThe Fishing Cook Channel begins to air on The Palmetto Network in June 2022 with Gourmet Fishing Show and Coastal Grillin’ Show. And, exciting news: There are 3 new shows in pre-production as of June 2020, which will join the Fishing Cook Channel: Travel & Adventure (based on the coastal water of the US), Water Front Restaurant, and a Fishing Talk Show.