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A reminder to take care of you

true self-care is necessary, and free

I had a speaking event this week.

Afterwards, I walked to my car and got inside. Fifteen minutes later, I was still sitting behind the wheel. Still in the parking lot, just sitting. The talk went well, but as soon as I stepped outside the rest of my energy drained out of me.

At first, I took this as proof that I’m an introvert, although the personality tests are inconclusive.

Later, I realized that taking that brief and unplanned pause was a necessary act of self-care. Intuitively and almost involuntarily, I’d stopped to recharge my internal battery before moving on with my day.

Self-care isn’t sexy, and it’s also not a luxury. It’s critical to our well-being. (Just speaking from experience here). Sometimes I don’t know how depleted I am until I find myself sitting in a parking lot and staring out the car window in the middle of the afternoon.

Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive, time consuming, or complicated. This week’s newsletter is a collective reminder to make/take/grab/steal time for yourself as often as you can.

Here’s a short list of ideas that take 15 minutes or less:

• walk around the block

• step outside, breathe the air, look at the sky, and listen to the sounds.

• read a few pages of a book

• make a cup of coffee or tea, eat lunch, or have a snack. Don’t check email or scroll your phone. Savor it.

• turn off the radio while driving so you can hear the sound of your own thoughts.

• wherever you are, stop what you’re doing, set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and just sit.

What simple acts of self-care would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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