Jurors in the double murder trial of disbarred lawyer Alex Murdaugh today are set to visit the Moselle estate where Murdaugh’s wife and son were killed. The estate has been at the heart of the trial and played a big role in the family’s life long before the murders.

Testimony ended Tuesday, the 26th day of the trial.  Jurors will reconvene at the courthouse around 11 a.m. today, according to news reports.. They will not be allowed to communicate with other jurors, law enforcement or anyone other than S.C. Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman while at the estate. Closing arguments are expected to begin once jurors reconvene, and deliberations could begin shortly after.

In a surprising break, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson on Tuesdayquestioned Ken Kinsey, a ballistics expert with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office who had previously testified in the case. Wilson has been sitting with a team of prosecutors nearly every day of the trial, but had not taken an active role until Tuesday.

Kinsey’s testimony challenged a defense analyst who said Murdaugh was too tall to have been the gunman based on the firing angle of the murders. Kinsey asserted a pair of bullet holes at the scene could have been fired from a gunman of any height depending on whether he or she was standing further back or kneeling.

CP OPINION: Charleston County has a gun problem

“Every day, Charleston County authorities encounter more than three incidents related to guns — murders, aggravated assaults, shootings, unlawful possession of firearms and on and on. It’s not safe for them or us.”

In other headlines:

Charleston’s IAAM sets new opening date for June 27 after delay. The International African American Museum (IAAM) is scheduled to open for visitors on June 27, five months after its January planned opening was delayed due to high humidity and temperatures inside the new building.  An opening ceremony will be June 24.

November averaged 3 incidents of gun violence per day in Charleston Co. Most people feel gun violence has gotten out of control thanks to too many guns in a permissive culture that seeks to loosen gun laws instead of making it harder for people to get firearms.  A City Paper analysis of data shows there are more than three gun-related incidents per day in the county.

Charleston Wine + Food returns with free events, inclusivity, more. Charleston Wine + Food (W+F) returns this weekend for another year of indulging in great local food and drinks, as well as discovering the massive talent the area’s industry has to offer.

Charleston’s old Cannon Street YMCA finds new life in Cane Bay. Paul Stoney and his staff have quietly built a massive state-of-the-art YMCA within the growing 4,500-acre Cane Bay housing community in Berkeley County. He calls it South Carolina’s best kept secret.

S.C. lawmakers propose bill to make abortions punishable as homicides. South Carolina lawmakers proposed a bill to consider the punishment for women and those who enable abortions similar to homicide punishments.

Charleston County schools could have a new superintendent in July. A team of four school board members tasked with selecting firms to lead the search for the Charleston County School District’s new leader said they’ve narrowed the choice to four firms.

Charleston Area Justice Ministry calls for more affordable housing. A Charleston County social justice group is asking the county to step up when it comes to more affordable housing in the Charleston area.

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More headlines:

November averaged 3 gun-related incidents per day across Charleston Co.

A .355-caliber bullet shredded a James Island window screen about 9 p.m. Nov. 13. Another bullet smashed into vinyl siding and careened through a living room wall as a married couple watched a football game..   Full story >

MUSC grad overcomes loss to create pharmacy scholarship

Shea Manigo of Walterboro overcame family losses to create opportunities for those who came after her at the MUSC College of Pharmacy.  Full story >

Old Cannon Street YMCA finds new life at Cane Bay

Paul Stoney and his staff have quietly built a massive state-of-the-art YMCA within the growing Cane Bay housing community in Berkeley County.      Full story >

Charleston Wine + Food returns with free events, F&B inclusivity

Charleston Wine + Food (W+F) returns this weekend for another year of indulging in great local food and drinks.   Full story >

New play pays tribute to activist Clark

Septima is a new play by Patricia Williams Dockery offering an inside look at Charleston native and civil rights icon Septima P. Clark’s legendary life.  Full story >

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