I have some exciting news.

Last week, I signed a publishing agreement with Publish Her Press, and my book, Girl in the Spotlight, will be released this October.

I feel a bit outside my body as I type these words. There’s so much that I want to say about the book and why it matters, and in the coming months I will. I’m so excited to take you along on this next phase of the journey.

It’s happening.

Bringing this story to life has been such a long time coming. Years. Decades. This story wouldn’t let me go, and yet she wasn’t in a rush to be born either. Even when I’d go long periods of time not writing at all, the story stayed in the back corners of my mind. Even as I grew impatient, she took her time.

Girl in the Spotlight is about my career in television news and why I left. It’s about walking away from a dream and how letting go can heal you.

But writing this book has taught me that holding on—seeing something all the way through—can heal you too.

New on Instagram

This cute video of my daughter celebrating her first front flip is a good way to describe how I feel about my book announcement.

The image below is just a screenshot, but you get the idea.

Cate does a flip

You can watch the video here ».

In the caption I wrote:

Each year when this fantastic video pops up in my memories, I pause to take it in. Her brother Blake’s genuine “Ah!” and a fellow mom’s “Did you see her face?” I hear myself whispering “Yes.”

But she’s oblivious to us on the other side of the glass. She misses her coach’s attempt at a high-five. In this moment, she’s not looking around for anyone to confirm that she’s done well. She’s celebrating herself.

Sometimes, validation and acknowledgement from others can feel really good. It can give us the boost we need to keep going. But don’t let that be the only measure of your worth. What matters more than what others have to say about it—is how you feel about it.

Are you proud of you? Let this be a joyful reminder to give yourself your own gold star.

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