One night this week as we were wrapping up dinner, my husband handed me a package that had just arrived in the mail. The return address said Sesame Street which made me chuckle and put the theme song in my head.

I opened it up to find a gray hoodie with the words:


I could live in hoodies and leggings. But this particular hoodie speaks to my general state of being. Even in the summertime, I always have a cardigan or kimono in my bag, just in case.

I suspect my husband ordered the sweatshirt before Christmas and for whatever reason, it had just arrived. The timing was perfect.

January has been a cold, dreary, and rainy month which has affected my energy overall. I’ve resorted to toting a portable space heater around the house to assist me while making lunches, working at my desk during the day, and washing my face at night.

Our thermostat is set to a temperature that is slightly above the electric company’s recommendation, so I’ve had to consider other ways to warm up the house. Some have to do with creating actual heat (see above) and others have to do with creating ambience.

How I’m warming up the vibe in my home this winter:

  • I left up a few strands of string lights that I hung during Christmas.
  • I bought a small lamp to set by the coffee maker to add a glow to the kitchen without the harsh brightness of the overhead light.
  • I’m making more of an effort to set the mood: I light candles, play music softly in the background, and put fresh flowers in vases.

I started practicing the last tip after visiting my friend Kerstin a few years ago. As I settled into the guest room of her cozy condo, I noticed that the rituals I typically saved for weekends or when hosting a gathering, Kerstin does for herself on the daily.

Tiny little tweaks. Small shifts in energy and perspective. It makes all the difference. Now please, pass me a blanket.

Tis the season to send flowers:

This week some friends sent us a bouquet of Farmgirl Flowers. I didn’t know whether to put these burlap-wrapped beauties in a vase or rock them like a baby.

New on Instagram:

On my “to watch” list

In between binging episodes of “Southern Charm” in which the characters model the exact opposite of healthy behavior, I’m planning to watch “Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart” on HBO Max. It’s based on her book by the same name. Watch the trailer here.

Language is the greatest human portal that we have. Having access to the right words changes everything. – Brené Brown

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