This week, I said no to an opportunity, an opportunity that I was
initially very excited about, but wasn’t 100% sure about. One
part of me said, Yes! This is it! The other part of me said, Pause.

The pause forced me to address a question that comes up for me
quite often. Perhaps it’s a question that lingers in the back of
your mind too:

How can any of us know, for sure, that we’ve done the right

Did I make a mistake? What if everything goes downhill from here?

Still, I said no.

The clarity to decline the offer came in the pause. I paused, but
I didn’t overthink (which feels like a win for me, because my
pattern is to overthink).

I know I made the right decision—for me—because I’ve learned
to pay attention to how my body feels when I’m compromising
something about myself—compromising my authenticity, my
own values, and my vision—trying to make something work.

I also know how it feels to say yes to something when it feels
aligned. Even then, there are no guarantees. But aligned action
just hits differently. Aligned action feels worth the risk.

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