T.J. Phillips, the host of Carolina Roots, talks with musicians of all genres who are from South Carolina | Provided

A new South Carolina-based television station, The Palmetto Network, debuts this month to provide varied and local programming to hundreds of thousands of people across the state.

Available online at ThePalmettoNetwork.com and Apple TV and free on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, the network is a dream come true for seasoned videographer Neal Kinard of Charleston.

“The people I’ve been working with through the years are extremely talented and with The Palmetto Network, they’ll have the freedom on a new platform to create and produce their own shows,” he said. “Because of the way the content is structured online and through television applications, viewers will be able to pick what they want on demand — and content producers won’t be limited to exacting time frames. They’ll be able to have the freedom to create exactly what they’re passionate about and pass it along through the new network.”

Unlike traditional television, TPN will offer programming without time restraints.

“Programs can be two minutes, two hours or anywhere in between,” said Kinard, an award-winning local television producer who has worked with national networks and advertising producers. “This further guarantees the ability to create and provide exceptional content that is not over-edited into a cookie-cutter program mode.”

Stories from across the state

Kinard’s network has deep experience with creative broadcasters around the state.

“We have Palmetto Network originals, such as Carolina Roots with T.J. Phillips, which features musicians of all genres who are from South Carolina,” he said. “Also in production are shows like Road Trippin’ with Jake Barlow, Charleston City Paper Live and Scenic South Carolina, just to name a few.”

The network also includes The Palmetto Vault, which features shows produced through the years, such as Variety Cooking and Gourmet Fishing.

Charleston City Paper weekly news update is available for viewing on The Palmetto Network

“We will only focus on the positive and inspirational news across the state,” Kinard added.  “And yes, we will have live programs, such as concerts and sports events that occur in South Carolina.

Kinard says he’s traveled the country in search of great stories, but has always been attracted to what happens from the Lowcountry to the Upstate.

“My family is from a tiny town in South Carolina and I have never lost that love of local,” he said. “Over the years, I’ve seen the challenges that smaller towns and nonprofits have in trying to create engaging content that will attract the attention that they desperately need for their communities and causes.

“I’ve founded The Palmetto Network to share those stores and hope people enjoy what we’re creating.”

To watch — or submit content — contact ThePalmettoNetwork.com.